Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hey, Remember Me? Of course not!

So, I set this up nearly a year ago, and have done nothing with it since. This must change! I can't say for certain how soon I'll be publishing "meaningful" content on a regular basis, but I think I certainly want to start keeping this up regularly.

I think it's going to be a knitting blog. (Gasp!) At least to start. I learned to knit in January 2004, and I'm finding that it really scratches where it itches. I love it. I've been an embroidery-based needleworker (counted thread, needlepoint, a bit of beading as well) for years now, but knitting had always eluded me. Too late now. To set the baseline:

Projects completed:
"Princess Snowball" Cat Bed (from Stitch 'n' Bitch)
A long, red and white striped sleeping cap (adapted from a free pattern at
A kitty won-ton (a super-easy Knitty pattern)
One-skein mittens from a skein of Museum yarn (Zanzibar colorway. Couldn't resist it)
The Umbilical Cord hat (from Stitch 'n' Bitch)

On the needles:
A kitty eggroll (another super-easy Knitty pattern)
Skully sweater (from Stitch 'n' Bitch)
Coronet cap (from Knitty)

Look for an update of some sort here on a weekly basis--probably Saturday or Sunday.

What else am I digging on right now?
--It's Pledge time at one of my favorite radio stations, KFAI. Check them out on line if you're not in my neck of the woods.
--I like to pretend I'm a pirate and kill HOURS doing puzzley games at the same time. Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates is way more fun than it should be.
--If you're in the Twin Cities and looking for a cat, try the shelter where I volunteer. I've been squeezing medicine into sick kitties at Feline Rescue for the past five years.

Obligatory cultural references (I love these in other folks' blogs, too)
Reading: The Sea, The Sea, Iris Murdoch and The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste, Jane and Michael Stern. The encylopedia is way more fun than it should be. I just cracked open the Murdoch last night. It's the first of hers that I've read, and I'm trying really hard not to hate our narrator. I should probably give him more than 15 pages.
Listening to: iTunes on shuffle all. Right this moment it's Johnny Cash.


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