Monday, March 29, 2004

Another update! Whoop Bing!

Well, back again. A pretty standard Monday at work, enlivened by some Puzzle Pirates drama in-between tasks. Two of the largest flags in the game have a long-standing rivalry and near-legendary antipathy between their leaders. They declared a war over the weekend, which lasted all of four hours. The flame war--er, pardon me, discussion--on the forums continues unabated, however. As a former member of one of the warring flags, I've been watching it with a good bit of interest. Though now it's all over but the name-calling.

Not too much progress on the knitting since yesterday's post:

Finished: No news here
On the Needles: Getting wonderfully close to finishing the Coronet band. My 2nd attempt at Kitchener stitch awaits!

In an attempt to gain even more credibility with my non-existent reader base, a few more links to tasty goodness for you:
--I *heart* Neil Gaiman. And being based in the Twin Cities means I get at least my share of local signings, if not more than your average bear. He maintains an excellent blog here.
--It was the ever-crafty and creative Sarah Dyer who inspired me to get off my laurels and start blogging already. She and her husband Evan Dorkin run the House of Fun and create many a cool comic.
--Queen of Wands has been really entertaining me of late. Don't be surprised when a kitty hat shows up on the needles--that's all I'm saying.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: I just finished "Meat Snacks" in the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste. mmmm . . . meaty.
Listening to: First 10 iPod Random tracks, no matter how embarrassing:
Manta Ray, Teen Heroes
Feed the Tree, Belly
Frosted Flake Wood, Hooverphonic
Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Elliot Fisher
Running Scared, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
One Step Beyond, Madness
The Audition - I Love to Be Unhappy, Gilda Radner
Moon Sammy, Soul Coughing
Day of the Lords, Joy Division
The Navajo Know, Pixies


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