Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just a quick check-in

Ugggh . . . so tired. Up too late pledge producing last night, after two solid days of craziness at work. I am a beaten little prosimian. Perhaps just a few minutes on Pirates tonight before I check out?

On the Needles: I bound the Coronet band together, and am picking up the stitches for the actual hat part. Wheee! The egg roll gets bigger, and I hope to get some serious sweater time in this weekend.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: More Bad Taste, and this week's Entertainment Weekly. Will the sitcom survive? Do I care? Do I even watch TV any more? Well, if it's not Alias, Good Eats, or We Are the 80's, not really. I *heart* my TiVo.
Listening to: Doin' it for the Mantis--quality checking my mix so I can burn some copies for a few friends.


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