Friday, August 17, 2007

Rowr! Turbo powers activate!

August means my Needlework Guild's annual retreat, in Buffalo, MN. Wednesday-Sunday, nothing but blissful, uninterrupted, stitchy-stitchy time. I accomplished TONS, and got caught up with some of my favorite fellow stitchers/knitters/crafty gals. What did I accomplish, you ask? Well, behold!

Butterfly: Seamed and button attached! The collar needs to be re-blocked, and it came out a wee bit big (the sleeves are quite long), but it's gorgeous. I acquired the perfect button on one of my Madison shopping trips with Madam--pressed iridescent glass, that reflects blue-purple. Yummeh.

And yet still more socks: Also complete! They're orange, they're happy, they're mine, all mine. I'm going to have to speed up my sock turnaround time, though, if I'm ever going to knit all the socks I want to knit.

Andes Charity projects: I finished the first pair of shortrowed-heel socks, followed by a pair of "class socks" from Sensational Knitted Socks--they come out to perfect toddler sock size. Still burning through the yarn, though.

Loons at Night: I started and finished a counted cross-stitch project at retreat! I KNOW! It's a cute, simple project with loons silhouetted against a night-time lake--all done in negative space, so you're stitching on black fabric with white thread. Clever and simple.

On the Needles:
Shadow Shawl: No change to speak of, but I refuse to apologize, because--look at all the rest of the stuff I did!

Lacy Dolman Sweater: No change. It's next.

Andes Charity projects: Pair o' socks #3 from this yarn is a full-size pair in "Vertical Waffle" from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Top-down, with a traditional heel flap. Decreasing the gusset on sock #1.

Aurora Borealis Scarf part Deux: 6-8 inches of scarf so far. It's a good "interstitial" project because the rows are so short--perfect for waiting rooms, etc.

Sherwood: Well, my boss-lady's in Russia now, taking care of the final paperwork. I bound off the shoulders last night, and once my size 6 dpns come out of the Andes sock, it's sleeve time!

Moved to Hibernation:
Rambling Rows Baby Afghan
Bear Claw Blanket

A bit of a false alarm on the expectant family member, so I don't have to commit to my insane plan of completing those blankets in short order. Someday. Oh yesss precioussss . . .

In the hoop:
Marion Scoular's Blackwork Acorns: My retreat class project--a lovely blackwork piece in gold and green. It's filling patterns are all stitched, and I just need to complete the outlining. I LOVE blackwork.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: The Monk and The Bourne Identity.
Listening to: Cake.


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