Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh, for the love of Clearance Sales!

Three Kittens Needlearts had a clearance sale over Thanksgiving weekend that put all other clearance sales to shame. I'd always liked Three Kittens, because they always had whatever I was looking for. I didn't like Three Kittens as much as I wanted to, because it was always so darned difficult to find whatever it was--it was floor to ceiling yarn, with aisles that were so narrow I could barely squeeze through. I picked up some novelty yarn for 75% off, so I can make some lovely garter-stitch thingies for the non-knitters in my life who are easily impressed by such things. ("Oh, what a pretty shawl!" "Wouldn't you rather have this cool cabled sweater?" But the colors are so pretty!" *headdesk*)

Noro Transitions Short-Row Rib Scarf: All done! Transitions is expensive, so I used every last bit—and ran out about 2 dozen stitches from the end. I fished some coordinating Silk Garden out of my stash, and completed binding off, just in time for it to get cold enough to wear it.

Peapod Baby Sweater: Heavens, this is a cute, CUTE pattern. Of course again, in my enthusiasm, I didn't take a photo of it before I gave it away. You'll just have to trust me.

Felted Squirrel: From the geniuses who brought you the ubiquitous felted hedgehog, there’s a squirrelly equivalent, too! This is for my brother, for Christmas. (He likes squirrels, despite us telling him they’re really just rats with cute fluffy tails.) Next time I make one, I'll put the ears up higher on his head, but he's cute anyway.

On the Needles:
Yet another pair of sox: Managed to snap a Size 1 Brittany Birch during an enthusiastic SSK, so I switched to my cheap-o Susan Bates metal needles. Poking along happily—the heel turning is in sight.

Charity Tank Top: Whaddya know? I actually finished the back at knitting on Sunday. Only a front left, since tank tops don’t have sleeves. Nifty!

Christmas Shawl: I'm turning some of that novelty yarn into a shawl for my sister-in-law--triangular, on size 15s a la the Grandma's Dishcloth pattern, in a peacock-ish colorway of blue, lavender, and lime. It's pretty, but oh so boring. So very boring.


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