Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Ravelry Effect

Boy, there’s nothing like an invitation to participate in the Beta of a website that allows you to catalog all of your past, present, and future knitting to turn up the volume on your hobby. (And remind you of all the things you’ve knitted.) The Yarn Harlot has gone on in more entertaining detail than I could about the wonders of, so I’ll just link you instead of attempting it myself. It’s had a wonderfully rejuvenating effect on my desire to document and blog my knitting habit, so you may be seeing more of me here—at least for a while. As I was cataloging my works, I found this blog really handy for answering the “so, when did I knit that?” question. Also, I’ve had a TERRIBLE attack of start-itis since I last updated—you’ll see why below. If (by some chance) you’re reading this, and you’re also on Ravelry, I’m PirateLemur. Friend Away!

Aurora Borealis Scarf: The Wednesday evening clinic at Borealis on June 6th was a nifty lace scarf that also ends up long enough to be a keen belt. The Noro Aurora was so pretty, I had to buy a few balls (okay, four), with the intention of making them be Christmas presents for my various and sundry nieces.

Requiring Finishing:
Butterfly: Still in the seaming pile.

On the Needles:
And yet still more socks: Sock #1 complete. Sock #2 underway, and we’re tooling up the foot.

Shadow Shawl: No change to speak of.

Lacy Dolman Sweater: On a sleeve-to sleeve sweater project? Those body rows get reeeeeeeally long. Luckily, I just divided for the front and back, which makes things a bit more manageable.

Rambling Rows Baby Afghan: I have a pregnant immediate family member! Yaaaay! I’m using my acrylic stash to make a modular afghan that’s pretty much baby-proof. (Pastel shades of pink, blue, purple and yellow.) I foresee many more projects for this wee one in the future. I have four out of fifty-some units completed. . . .

Bear Claw Blanket: I think this might actually be proof that I’ve lost my mind in excitement over my pending niece or nephew. It’s a beautiful finished project, but it’s a lap quilt. Knit out of fingering weight yarn. Can you say “heirloom”? It will be, if I ever finish it. Three center squares so far, and my white yarn is still on order.

Wool of the Andes Charity projects: One Mason-Dixon baby sweater completed—used just about one ball. Next up? Socks. I cast on for the first of the pair this past Sunday. I’m using a pattern for Children in Common, and was bummed to discover it was a short-row heel—I was looking forward to a turned heel. I think I just might turn the heel anyway. :)

Aurora Borealis Scarf part Deux: I cast it on so I could take a picture of it for Ravelry. I’m kind of sick that way.

In the hoop:
Nothin’ much.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: The Monk, the first horror novel ever.
Listening to: iTunes on shuffle. Right now, The Communards.


Blogger Ellen said...

Oh, yeah. Actually lining up all those WIPs and Queues puts a sort of linear energy into your needles. And, the whole process has really cut into my sleep.

Knit on, Macbeth, Knit on!

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