Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Finishing School

Okay, I did this on a conference call while I was wishing I was knitting--no nice backstory for you--just the goods.

Tank Girl Tank: Finished! I’ve even worn it once—it turned out nicely. It’s warm when it’s super-hot out, though.

Wendy’s Felted Cat Bed: Felted and blocked over my Tupperware knock-off cake taker. Ready for giving!

Dishcloth: Cheesy. Easy. Will make a great Christmas gift! The pretty variegated cotton at Michaels got the best of me. But I know for a fact that my grandmas love ‘em.

Requiring Finishing:
Bunny Hat: Cuteness pending! I sewed up one ear the other night.

Devan: Shoulders bound off, pieces blocked. Assembly continues . . .

Baby Kimono: All pieces finished and ready for assembly.

On the Needles:
Second Sock: Ribbing the cuff, cuff, cuff, ribbing the cuff. . . . (is it bad that I think of this Two Lumps song as I knit along happily?)

Fluffy Cuff Mittens: Yeah, it’s July. I decided to knit mittens. I’ve been wanting these mittens since I picked up Stitch ‘n Bitch originally—but the GGH Esprit fluffy cuff yarn proved too difficult for me to join and knit with my limited experience one year ago. This past weekend however, I just sucked it up and plowed through it. One mitten done! I should have enough cuff fluff left over to make a pair for charity with some stash oddballs.

Several cat toys for Dad: To go with the felted cat bed up there for a super-nifty birthday present.

In the hoop: (with the dust blown off)
Merry Cox Sailor's Huswif: No change.
Joe and Sally Snow: No change.
Wedding Snowflake Hardanger: No change.
Floral afghan: No change.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Finished Assassination Vacation. Have officially given up on Under the Volcano, and am seriously considering giving away the book. Re-read Wicked, which is our next book club selection, which I enjoyed the first time AND this time. Gregory Maguire’s written a sequel, too—due in October. Should be fun! Started Stiff last night as a nice, gory break from fiction.

Listening to: Office noise.


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