Saturday, April 16, 2005

Free the Craft Nook Four!

I’ve completed my deadline-based knitting for the time being, and am knitting on whatever I darn well please at the moment. It feels gooooood. Of course, there’s much more deadline-based knitting in the future, as many of my friends and loved ones have decided to have babies in the next 9 months. (I gave a friend of mine a hard time the other day, as her due date is pretty close to Britney Spears’. She was mortified.) Babies I didn’t know about ahead of time have a HORRIBLE impact on my 2005 list. (From a few posts ago.) I’ll have a good laugh at that one come year-end.

Yet another Sekrit Project: All done and with the assembler in sunny Toronto. Mailing the package was not without drama (check my LJ (linky) for the scoop), but it arrived unmolested. I can’t wait until it’s ready to go—it’s going to be great! Man, I hate talking about it in generalizations. You’ll just have to trust me, here.

On the Needles:
Devan: Finished sleeve #2, cast on the back. After using nothing but Cascade 220 and DK cotton for 3 months, sock yarn feels like dental floss. The back of this sweater is gonna be loooooooong and booooooring and grey. But it’s the last piece!

Lite Brite: Finished the front, and am approaching the waist shaping on the back. It’s going much faster than I anticipated—I could be seaming next weekend!

No longer imprisoned in the craft nook, but unloved and ignored for a little while longer:
Party-Time Apron: No change.
Sock: No change.

In the hoop: (with the dust blown off)
Merry Cox Sailor's Huswif: A few more words on the verse! Lookit me go.
Joe and Sally Snow: No change.
Wedding Snowflake Hardanger: Did all the counting necessary to place my motifs correctly, then realized I hadn’t taken my fibers to the Guild meeting with me. D’oh!
Floral afghan: No change.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara. I should finish it in time for book club, if I apply myself.

Listening to:
Squid play Once Upon a Knight.


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