Sunday, October 24, 2004

Dum te dum te dum . . .

A brief update: I've been knitting away happily, and amazingly have not actually purchased any more yarn since I last updated. No, I don't know how that happened. Some people have drugs. I have yarn. Probably a $25-50/week habit if I have to be honest. And, of course, there's a bag of Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Alpaca in pistachio waiting for me at Needlework Unlimited. They're sooo cute! And sooo soft!

So, what's been going on, crafty-wise? Well, wonder no more!

Finished: Um . . . not so much just yet. Read on.

On the Needles:
Skully: One sleeve! Entirely complete! All ends woven in! Extraneous exclamation points! And I'm going to finish something else before starting sleeve #2. That intarsia completely depleted my patience reserves for a while.

Party-Time Apron: No change.

Colinette Throw: Finished with the third pattern repeat--starting the final repeat. Should finish it up this week, if all goes well.

Devan: Left side is having its shoulders shaped. I'm thinking about working both sleeves at once to prevent mind-bending boredom.

Sock: No change

Rockabilly scarf: Okay, so my old boss (who I am now pleased to count as a friend) has the chance to go meet Brian Setzer this winter. Squeeeeee! She's as pleased as all get-out, as she's an even bigger fan than I am. (Where my fandom = "like him just fine and actively seek out his music" and her fandom = "has arranged family visits to coincide with concerts") Anyway, I decided she needed a funky scarf to wear on this excursion (or just to look really stylin' on the way to California, or whatever), so I picked up some neato Schachenmayr Scaletta yarn (the black one) and am knitting a fun, simple scarf out of it--garter stitch with a row of twisted drop every so often. Though I might unravel it (it's only 4" long or so right now) and follow Wendy's simple scarf pattern instead.

In the Hoop:
Drawn Thread Birth Band sampler: No change, but I want to have it to the framer in time for X-mastide framing.

Merry Cox Sailor's Huswif: No change.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: I did set aside Vanity Fair. I rewarded myself--or at least gave myself a break--by reading The Grim Grotto, the 11th Lemony Snicket book. Yeah, I'm thirty. What's your problem?
Listening to: U2.


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