Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bachelorette for a week

Well, I've safely packed Squid off to the Boundary Waters for a week, and I'm enjoying puttering around on my own for a few days. I'll get really lonely round-about Wednesday, but at least for the first day or so, I generally like being a lone wolf. My days have been pretty action-packed, actually--yesterday, after dropping Squid off at the in-laws, I did some hard-core yarn and needle shopping--picked up some dpns in sizes I was needing, the bamboo #9 for the tacky, super-fun party-time apron, and a copy of Socks Soar on Two Circulars. In the yarn department, I picked up some Rainbow, to make the sweater pictured--only I got the "green banana" color.

Today, I got to do a guest spot on Cosmic Slop as a "thank you" for purchasing a large number of watts during their last pledge drive. Since I'm board-certified at KFAI, and have guest-hosted for Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber before, I had a fine time and wasn't too nervous. After that, the Boogiemonster and I went cat shopping at my shelter to find him a companion for Stinky--after the loss of her buddy Pukehead last year, and the loss of La Femme Makita and all her stuff this year, she's a bored little kitty. We found a wonderful new kitty for Ron, who'll go home with him later this week. We followed that up with ICE CREAM FOR DINNER! Hah! at Izzy's.

In knitting news, I actually have had some time to put some rows on of late, so let's just cut to the chase.

Finished: Round About is done! Straps sewn on, opening reinforced, and now it's holding my balls of Colinette for the throw. I also finished Stripey Sleeping Cap #2--Iole, it's bound for you as soon as I get your zip code.
On the Needles: I'm nearing completion of the 2nd repeat on the Colinette throw, and the colors are starting to work together--I had been worried. I actually put another row or two on Skully (Shock! Horror!), and several more rounds on Fiona. I couldn't resist casting on the party time apron, though all it is at this point is one row of very fluffy eyelash. I know the apron is one of the loudest things going, but Babs, the Homemaker from Heck, really needs one. The rainbow-sherbet sock continues to languish in obscurity.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: I finished The Namesake last night. I think I'm going to return to Cryptonomicon now. I miss it, and Squid's ahead of me in his copy.
Listening to: My own CFTP show. I finally had the guts to listen to it. I didn't do too badly!


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