Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Hello, my name is Secret Agent Lemur . . .

And I'm a fiber addict. I already have a sizable collection of fibers for needlepoint and counted cross stitch. How did I ever think I wouldn't succumb to the charms of yarn? I dropped a pretty penny on a Colinette throw kit over the weekend--but I think it was well worth it. I just want to roll around in the yarn--is that so wrong?

I also picked up some Mission Falls cotton for the Fiona-along. I hope they let me in, even though I'm nowhere near Knit Happens (that MN to VA commute is a killer). Even if not, I'm looking forward to another fun, easy bag to knit.

Providing even more temptation to an already weak-willed gal like me is Borealis Yarns (no website yet, I don't think). Opening this weekend, and it's just an easy walk from my house. Part of me wants them to be successful and have wonderful things. Part of me doesn't, since they'll be RIGHT THERE. On the way home. Taunting me. Tempting me.

Finished: the Round About bag is ready for felting! I'd like to do that some quiet night this week so it's dry for the weekend. The Kureyon striping is so much fun--even if the rough wool started to carve a channel in my tensioning finger after several hours of knitting.

On the Needles: Well, I had to frog out the started stripey sleeping cap--there was something funky going on with the ribbing--I had a funny looking stitch that didn't repair when I dropped it and picked it back up. I figured out as I ripped it that I had started knitting the other way round at some point, and that stitch marked the U-turn. Argh. Still--only an inch or so of ribbing--no great tragedy. I'll get it back on the needles tomorrow or later. Gaining some comfort with sock yarn on #3 needles, though the diameter looks a bit too small. I'll give it a chance and see. I'll knit more Skully someday soon, I promise!

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: I had to put down The Sea, The Sea for a week. I'm afraid of what's going to happen next.
Listening to: blessed peace and quiet.


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