Sunday, May 16, 2004

So it wasn't a project I finished . . . but I finished something

Just in time for book club today--The Sea, The Sea is all finished. If anyone told me that I'd enjoy reading the memoirs of a self-centered, vain, arrogant, asshole aging actor who couldn't get over his first love, I'd have told him/her (s)he was crazy. (Yes, I did start with them/they, but I'm feeling grammatically stilted and overbearing this afternoon.) What I also can't get over is that a woman wrote this novel. The point of view was so well put-together that I can't really believe it wasn't autobiographical.

In work news: an absolutely crazy week of work-related drama. My leader is taking a new position. Lots of other people are taking new positions. I'm interviewing for a new position. New people are starting in our department left and right, including on my team. And on top of it all, I'm dealing with a huge national rollout. I feel like I'm spinning, rapidly, in very small circles. I hope I don't get dizzy and fall down.

In other news--white-water rafting at the end of this week. Wheeeee! The Peshtigo River in Wisconsin has some class 3 rapids, and friends of ours have gone to an outfitter there for the past several springs and have had a really good time. We're joining them this year--I'm dying for a day off, so this should work out well. And I can knit in the car on the way there. Wahoo!

Which brings me to the knitting part of the blog. I checked out Borealis Yarns last weekend, and I'm pleased to say (although I fear for my pocketbook) that it's a wonderful little shop. Lots of interesting yarn of all types, and a big table in the sunny front of the shop for community knitting. And a coffee shop is going in next door. Squeals of glee, I tell you. Squeals of glee!

Finished: Nuthin', really. I just need to sew the strap onto Round About and it will be done-done.
On the Needles: Project rollcall! In order of disappointingness:
Skully: No progress.
Sherbet Sock: No progress.
Stripey Hat: Worked a bit more ribbing, but going quite slow.
Fiona: Coming up the sides. Not sure if I'm working the triple cross right, but I'm giving it time.
Colinette Throw: 30-some rows done on the first pattern repeat. It's a little smaller than I'd hoped, but will still make a most excellent lap robe. And the colors look like Walt Disney threw up on it--which is great for a throw, but I think this would make a baffling sweater.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: In-between books. A lovely place to be. Should I pick up my next book club book right away, or return to Quicksilver? Or find something else entirely to read uber-quickly as a palate cleanser? Decisions, decisions. . . .
Listening to: Just my fingers go clickety-click. Though I really need to synch up my iPod--there's Siouxsie to be had!


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