Saturday, May 08, 2004

And so it goes

ugh. Tired prosimian this evening. My mother- and father-in law are moving, so Squid, Fishtie and I spent most of the day packing up and moving boxes from one home to another. Fortunately, they're moving less than a mile away, so we didn't have to be hyper-efficient or anything, but still--people accumulate a lot of stuff when they live in a house for 11 years. I was in charge of packing up the kitchen, and am proud to report that I didn't pack any boxes that were too heavy for me to carry out to the van myself. I'm usually good for at least one giant, heavy box that's wonderfully packed, but too damn heavy to take anywhere.

We also did the birthday thing for the nieces and me--we all have birthdays within four weeks of each other, and since I'm old enough that my age doesn't really matter any more, we usually just celebrate them all in one shot. I managed to borrow Scurvy Pete's Creatures and Siouxsie CDs as well--been having a craving for them lately.

Looking forward to a nice, quiet day of puttering about the house and getting some knitting done tomorrow. Let's run down the current list of WiPs, shall we? (It gets longer every time I think about it, though.) And Borealis opened today, so I'm going to have to head over there tomorrow to see if there's anything there I just HAVE to have. Oh, who am I kidding with that "if"?

Finished: Very soon! The Round About bag. It's all felted and dry--I just need to do a little bit of sewing to put the strap on and finish up the shaping.
On the Needles: I de-hanked and balled up all my Colinette yarn, and couldn't resist casting on my throw. I now have 3 rows of mohair on the needles. Whee!
The stripey hat isn't back to where it was pre-frog, but there are 4 or 5 rows on the needles at this point and it's ready to grow nicely. The sock and Skully have seen no action at all. And Fiona is cast on and the bottom is about 4-5" long at this point.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Gotta get back to The Sea, The Sea. Book club's next weekend!


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