Monday, October 04, 2004

Just a quick update . . .

To renew my commitment to the blog and let you know I'm not dead. Thanks to an impromptu camping trip weekend before last, and a two-day class with Merry Cox this past weekend, I've been a little bit busy.

The new job at work is going well--I think. I'm not as panicky busy as I was in my old job, and I've forgotten the feeling associated with having the time to do things right/well. I need to get reacclimated to sanity, it appears.

Here's the score on my projects. I can't start anything new until one more item makes it into the (Nearly) Finished column. I had a fit of starting, and I feel a little sheepish with so many WIPs.

(Nearly) Finished: Still need to take the Booga Bag to the washer and felt it. I also just bound off the Flora scarf (it wasn't Charm, it was Flora) this evening. Yippee!

On the Needles:
Skully: I've picked up the neck, bound the 2nd shoulder together, and seamed the neck. Ready to pick up the sleeves! In other news, a knot I thought was hopeless and just knit right past appears to be threatening to let go and make me very unhappy. I'll have to figure out how to defeat it. That's my inexperience talking--I now know to cut it out and just weave the damn ends in.

Party-Time Apron: No change.

Colinette Throw: No change, but I'm eager to get back to it. October weather is perfect to knit on it!

Devan: Working the neck and sleeve decreases for the right side--almost to the end of the first piece!

Sock: It's up to an inch of ribbing--I got a lot of knitting on it and Devan done on the drive up to Itasca the other weekend.

In the Hoop:
Drawn Thread Birth Band sampler: No change, but read on . . .

Merry Cox Sailor's Huswif: Took the class this weekend, and had a lovely time. Merry is a really fun teacher, with lots to share and teach. I got the inside pockets completely stitched, and three of them attached to the main piece during class, as well as a good start on finishing the lining of a matching cherrywood box.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Technically, Vanity Fair, though I've been to tired to read of late and have been doing crossword puzzles instead.
Listening to: FNPP volume 7: The Robot Show.


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