Sunday, June 13, 2004

Hmph. Another week gone.

Sheesh! I'd intended to do so much with my week of bachelorettehood, and as it turns out, Squid got home before I'd accomplished any of it. Alas. However, being so dang busy meant that my loneliness and self-pity factors were at an all-time low. Usually by the time Boundary Waters Thursday rolls around, I'm climbing the walls and I think the cat is doing a bang-up job of holding up his end of the conversation.

So, yes, Squid and the boys returned safe and sound from their wilderness adventure. The Boogiemonster's new kitty is striving to make friends with Stinky, the resident diva cat, but not making much progress. If Stinks doesn't accept new kitty soon, she might have to go back to the shelter. Boo hoo.

My organizational skills need a touch-up. Last week I panicked about Father's Day--had to get a gift! Had to get it in the mail so it would be unaffected by Reagan-related mail delays! It didn't dawn on me that I was a whole WEEK early until TODAY, when all the newspaper ads were advertising Father's Day as June 20th, NOT today, June 13th. Argh.

Enough life-related blather! Let's log the knitting:
Finished: Bupkis. Last week was finished-project week, I'm afraid.
On the Needles: Some nice progress to report, actually:
The Sherbet Sock: I gave up and unravelled it. I shall knit socks out of this keen wool at some point in the future, but for now, I don't need it sitting around, looking at me, and making me feel guilty.
The Colinette Throw: Second repeat completed, and I've put it away for a while so I can focus on some other projects (read: I need to free up one of my Denise cords for a new project)
Skully: Not quite languishing in obscurity--I plan to take it to the lake with me this upcoming weekend.
Fiona: Cruising right along. Just a couple more repeats of the triple cross, and I'll have the 9" I need and can more on to the final top sections. Whee!
Party Apron: Six rows of eyelash done. Really. This thing's going to be so WONDERFULLY tacky, I can hardly stand it.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Back to Quicksilver. (not Cryptonomicon. I am a dolt. Wrong Neal Stephenson novel.) I just need to find the rhythm of reading Stephenson again, and I'll be burning up the pages.
Listening to: Nothing right this very minute. I'm pleased to say that I found Neneh Cherry's "Buffalo Stance" on iTunes the other day, and I've been driving Squid crazy with it ever since.


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