Saturday, November 06, 2004

Time for another update

It's been kind of busy around here, but not so much that I should have ignored this. So without further ado, here's the news from knitting-land:

(Just about) Finished: The Colinette Throw is off the needles and having its sides crocheted--one side done, one side 1/4 done--once the crochet is done, it's fringe city and I have my largest finished object yet. I'm really impressed with the additional structure and stability one little row of crochet adds to knitting. No wonder it's such a popular edging.

On the Needles:
Skully: Still dormant. Just about ready to pick it up again because, dangit--I want to wear it.

Party-Time Apron: No change.

Devan: Left side complete. First sleeve cast on, but not much more.

Sock: No change

Rockabilly scarf: I settled on an amended version of Wendy's Japanese Lantern scarf. I wanted mine to be a little bit wider (24 stitches), and am making a very open-looking scarf (size 17 needles, anyone?), so I'm knitting six rows in between dropped areas rather than four. Nearly one skein gone, one more to go.

Koigu Baby Booties: So, you know how I said a few posts back that I wasn't going to start anything new until I'd finished something? Yeah, that worked really well, didn't it? One scarf, and now one bootie pattern started, with nothing else really finished in the meantime. But they're small projects, they don't really count. Right? Right?! In my defense, this one was started as a favor to a friend since we both had the pattern and she needed help figuring it out. Yeah, that's it. Thusnelda made me start this project. Anyway. One bootie finished, one unstarted. It's a darling little pattern, and quick work to boot.

In the Hoop:
Drawn Thread Birth Band sampler: Put in a few stitches at guild a week or two ago. Baby's name is taking shape nicely.

Merry Cox Sailor's Huswif: No change.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Finished the Snicket, and plowed through Memoirs of a Geisha in record time. It's been a while since I've read a "literary" novel that didn't feel like blasted work to get through. This one moved so nicely, I found myself staying up too late reading it, rather than passing out on the 5th page.
Listening to: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.


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