Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Now delighting cats in Pennsylvania

My dad’s birthday present was a total hit with him and the beasties. The kittens hopped into the cat bed immediately, and are having a ball playing with the catnip toys.

Next week, I’m off to the scenic Buffalo, MN for my Needlework Guild’s annual retreat. I’m excited to go—I need the vacation, and I’m looking forward to getting lots of stitching on the Hardanger piece done.

Another Thick & Quick Hat: Sunday knitting this week was another hat—this time, I made a bigger size and added stripes!

Fluffy Cuff Mittens: All done! Acid green with black fluffy cuffs. They’re so ugly, they’re cute!

Requiring Finishing:
Devan: All seamed, ends woven in. All it needs is buttons, but I can’t find just the right ones.

Baby Kimono: No Change.

On the Needles:
Second Sock: Knit up to the heel flap. I’m holding off on the heel turning until I get to Retreat next week—one of my guildmates wants to see how it’s done.

Party-Time Apron: I am working the slip stitch diamond pattern like a champ. I’m even managing to C2L without a cable needle, which was completely beyond me a year ago. I’m so proud. I’m decreasing toward the waist—which is quite a long way away.

Trellis: I’m making this in a nice light teal Cotton Fleece. (Color name: Rue.) So pretty, and not 100% “baby” looking. I have about a dozen rows of the cable chart started, and it’s super cute.

In the hoop:
Merry Cox Sailor's Huswif: No change.
Joe and Sally Snow: No change.
Wedding Snowflake Hardanger: I found the second corner of the inside border. I’m cruising now. . . .
Floral afghan: Shelved for the summer until it gets cool again. Though it may get some air time if the evenings are cool at retreat, or if the A/C is a little aggressive.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: I finished Stiff. Before I tackle the next book club book, I’m reading Two Years Before The Mast, by Richard Henry Dana.

Listening to: Office noise.


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