Monday, October 31, 2005

Ugh. Kind of blitzed from a crazy month or so of work. Here's what I've been up to when I'm not in front of a PC for work:

Chunky Charity Slipper Sox: All done! Off to St. Joe’s to keep someone’s feet warm.

Second Sock: Dude! I knit a pair of socks! In sock-weight yarn! And they fit! And I love them! More exclamation points!

Trellis: It’s done, done done, and as cute as the dickens. I can tell I had some rowing-out problems (I HATE reverse stockinette stitch) but it blocked out just fine. The cables are gorgeous! Now, the little bundle o’ joy just needs to arrive.

Fair Isle Swatch Hat: Borealis Yarns is such an enabling institution. I took their class in learning to knit Fair Isle, and this is the class project. The two-handed knitting method “clicked” right away, now it’s just a matter of practicing it until I can do it as easily as I pick one-handed. My needles were too small, so this hat doesn’t fit my head at all, but someone somewhere in this world will appreciate it. I have a wonderful color combination in mind for the next hat.

Requiring Finishing:
Baby Kimono: No change.

On the Needles:
Party-Time Apron: No change.

Another pair of socks: Sock #1 of the pair is complete. I made the garter-stitch cuff and picot edging from Lucy Neatby’s Cool Socks, Warm Feet, and darn, it’s cute. Sock #2 is little more than a toe square, but it’s started!

Charity Raglan Kid’s Sweater: From the Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, I’m winging a kid-size pullover in stripes of all my leftover Cascade 220: White and red primarily, with black, orange, yellow, and a little aqua. Striping will be loosely Fibonacci based, I think.

Leetle Teeny Bebbe Sox: A good friend just became an auntie to a very premature niece—I want to make some itty bitty socks for the itty bitty baby. (Born just over 3 pounds, breathing on her own—a real fighter.) I’m making some cotton socks in the “X and O” pattern from the Summer IK. They’re really cute, but I’m HATING my ssk’s on the heel for some reason.

In The Hoop
Merry Cox Sailor's Huswif: No change.
Joe and Sally Snow: No change.
Wedding Snowflake Hardanger: I finished the border! I finished the border! I didn’t have to go buy more metallic thread! Woo go me! I finished all the cutting without a serious error (Yay). Still need to:
*Wrap the Hardanger bars.
*Figure out how to handle the hem
*Figure out if I’d like to back the eyelet clusters with some sort of interfacing to stabilize them and further secure their ends.
Floral afghan: No change.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Finished Two Years Before The Mast. Inhaled Lost in a Good Book and The Well of Lost Plots. Halfway through Something Rotten.

Listening To: All the Dance Pop I can get my hands on. Pet Shop Boys? Expose? Propellerheads? KYLIE MINOGUE?! What is wrong with me?