Sunday, July 16, 2006

Heh. She said "duty"

I'm in a bit of a creative slump at the moment--I've been productive, needles-wise, but I just haven't been . . . in contact, really. Let's try the brute-force method, here, and I'll get you up to date:

The Ferret Sock: Finished in a frenzy of knitting over a very hot Memorial Day weekend. It was so nasty hot outside (96 F and humid) that we just hid in the Boogiemonster's living room and chatted. And I knit. Now amusing Obie and his sister at chez Zombie Fan.

Young Love Stripey Sleeping Cap: Yet another stripey sleeping cap--this one done in navy and white Butterfly Super 10 as a wedding gift for two of my piratey acquaintances who are tying the knot in September. Yay Basher and Elfen! I wish you the best.

Charity Mittens: Finished 'em up at the lake today. When I re-sized smaller, I now have a decent amount of Manos left over. I'm thinking of knitting it up with some leftover Lambs Pride Bulky I have laying around for Yet Another Charity Hat.

Requiring Finishing:
Baby Kimono: No change. I did, however, pull out the pieces today and will seam them at community knitting for the next several weeks until the darn thing's done. Procrastination begone!

Silk Garden Cardigan: It's been too hot for sweaters around here, and putting buttons on a piece that's not going to see wear hasn't been high on my list.

On the Needles:
Party-Time Apron: No change.

Squid's Boundary Waters Sweater: I've cast on the front and knit a few inches, but put it aside in favor of smaller items that don't mean a lapful of heavy wool when it's in excess of 90 degrees out.

The next pair of socks: Trekking 100 definitely makes fraternal twin socks, but I just love the effect, and watching the slow change of what comes next. Sock #1 is complete, and Sock #2 is a few inches long. After turning the heel on sock #1, I got bored with plain stockinette and busted out a 2X2 garter rib for the cuff, which I really like.

Schaeffer Anne Victorian Baby Sweater: Except I'm knitting it in some Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino. It's a clever, darling little sweater with a simple feather and fan pattern for the bottom of the body and the sleeves. Friends of mine have confirmed an imminent baby girl, so I'm pleased to be able to knit something a little bit more frilly than usual. All baby clothes are fun, but I've been so boy- or unisex- focused lately, it's nice to get all girly.

In the hoop:
Who am I kidding? If there's news, I'll tell ya here.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Still. Getting close to the end, though.
Listening to: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.