Monday, September 19, 2005

Status Update

I just finished a ton of work-work, so this is bare-bones status.

Gnat Mittens: One dear little pair of mittens, ready for giving.

Burly Spun Handpaint Scarf: It definitely wanted to be a seed stitch scarf. Thanks to a verrrrrrry long Needlework Guild meeting, I finished it last Tuesday night.

Requiring Finishing:
Baby Kimono: Tie #1 now 16" long. Only another 8" to go, then I can do it all over again!

Trellis: Finished up the second sleeve—it’s time to put it together!

On the Needles:
Second Sock: Some more progress on its foot.
Party-Time Apron: No change.
Another pair of socks: No change.
Chunky Charity Slipper Sox: No change.

In the hoop:

Wedding Snowflake Hardanger: Found corner #3, and stuff is still lining up nicely. Still need to:
*Finish the border
*Cut and wrap the Hardanger bars.
*Figure out how to handle the hem
*Figure out if I’d like to back the eyelet clusters with some sort of interfacing to stabilize them and further secure their ends.

Obligatory Cultural References
Reading: Still Two Years Before The Mast. I should finish it tonight, if I stay awake.


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